Changelog V1.1

Change log V1.1:

  • Now the spaceship fires bullets in a straight line in x seconds.
  • Better physics on the bullets bouncing off the walls.
  • 2 new types of bullets:
    • Giant: Bigger than the original bullet, but slower. Has a Red trail and a new sound when fired.
    • Dog: Faster than the original. Has a Yellow tail and a new sound when fired.
  • Random comets come down to disturb you. If you touche them, you lose :/
  • Text in the screen displays the seconds left to the spaceship shoot.
  • I'm thinking of leaving the green line for better planning on where to shoot. Maybe just for the 20s of the game.

Also I had a little bug fixed on the title screen where you could click on the start button with the mouse far way from the button itself.

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